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Building a Contents (.CNT) file with an ordinary help authoring tool in combination with files generated with Time2HELP
  1. Import (or similar mechanism) the rtf files generated by Time2HELP into your authoring tool.
  2. Write a .CNT file (and/or ordinary topics) with this other tool, and make links into topics generated by Time2HELP using the following topic ID name schema.
    Unit: IDH_Unit_[%Unit.Name%]
    Interface: IDH_interface_[%interface.Name%]
    Class: IDH_Class_[%Class.Name%]
    Routine: IDH_[%Unit.Name%]_[%Routine.Name%]
    Property: IDH_[%Class.Name%]_[%Property.Name%]
    Method: IDH_[%Class.Name%]_[%Method.Name%]
    Event: IDH_[%Class.Name%]_[%Event.Name%]

NOTE: We will *likely* never change the schema for units, classes and interfaces topic IDs, but the schema for routines (and methods) may change due to routine/method overloading, and for HTML output, the schema for properties, methods and events may vary according to what sort of output template is selected. (We will provide a HTML template generating all properties, methods and events for a class/interface in a single file, in order to not generate thousands of small HTML files).

Therefore the "future safe" ones are: Unit, Interface and Class. In WinHELP output, context IDs for property, method and events probably always will stay the same, but not so for all variants of HTML output.

Topic ID's generated by Time2HELP

How to build a Contents (.CNT) file with Time2HELP
Build a Contents (.CNT) file

How to exclude parts of a unit from the output

You can use @exclude to exclude a unit, class, interface, property, method, event or routine from the output.

To exclude other parts of a unit from the output, you can define a symbol in the Time2HELP project (e.g. "T2H") and encapsulate the declaration you want to hide in your source using {$IFNDEF T2H}

Hiding Classes, procedures and functions
Define a symbol

How to write overview/introduction topics to source code help files?
Write Introductory Topics for help on writing introductory topics.
Building a contents file.

I get an error when I write "<" in the documentation
Special characters like "<" in the documentation must be escaped by using "&lt;"

E.g. to get the output:

you'll have to write
or use CDATA:

I want to build my own help file of the VCL, but when I build my project, no help file is generated.
The VCL contains a file named MPlayer.pas, which contain nearly the following line:
  Result := TMPModes(StatusParm.dwReturn - 524); { MCI Mode #s are 524+enum}

An extra space is inserted between "{" and "MCI" here, because else the Help Compiler interprets this as a command to insert an AVI-file into the help file! This is what happens when the help compiler tries to compile Time2HELP's output for MPlayer.pas.

Workaround: Remove MPlayer.pas from the project, or insert an extra space (or similar before "MCI" in the comment in MPlayer.pas. (You could also use the new C++ style // comment or the (* *) style.)

My WinHelp output help file is mixed-up, the text looks very strange.
On Hebrew-enabled systems it has been reported problems with WinHelp output. To solve the problem, do the following:
  1. Run the hcw.exe (the WinHelp compiler used by T2H application)
  2. Open the .HPJ file
  3. Double-click [OPTIONS] or press on the Options... button
  4. Go to the fonts tab, press the Add... button.
  5. In the Character set combo box of the Replacement group choose ANSI
  6. Click Save and Compile
  7. Go back to Time2HELP and build.

When I build HTML Help output, the help file is not updated
Make sure all instances of your HTML Help file is closed before building the project.

When Time2HELP is invoking the help compiler, the small help compiler window disappears immediately, and the help file isn't generated.
Open the .HPJ file with MS Help Workshop, and compile it there. There may be some errors in your help file or project file (.HPJ) file, which prevents the help compiler from doing it's job when called from Time2HELP.

How to order Time2HELP

How to pay by bank transfer
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    Storebrand Bank, Oslo, Norway
    Swift Code: STODNOK1
    for credit Digital Logikk AS
    account no.: 9100.13.94288


HTML generated by Time2HELP


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