Build a Contents (.CNT) file

If you used the New Library Help Project Wizard to create the project and selected the LibraryStandard.topics template in the wizard, a contents file is already created. If not, you must first create a topic file and Open the file.

In the right hand pane you may write something like:

<!DOCTYPE DLHelpSource>
<Topic Title="Introduction">
  This is the first topic.
<TopicBook Title="Units">
  <TopicLink Unit=MainUnit Title="Main Unit">
  <TopicLink Unit=Unit2>

Then select the file in the Master Topic File combo box on the Topic Files pane.

A Time2HELP project can contain many topic files, each of which is translated into a single rtf-, HTML- (or other format) file during T2H's building process. You can set one of these to be a "Contents Source", which means this file is used to generate a .CNT (contents) file (in addition to being translated into rtf (or HTML) as usual).

T2H builds a contents-file from a topic file (.topic) by translating <TopicBook> and <Topic> (and a few other) tags into the appropriate content in a .CNT file. (You designate which file (if any) to build a .CNT from by specifying a "Master Topic File"). There also are some special tags for adding things to the contents file, e.g. <TopicLink Class=TMyComponent> makes a "topic-link" to class TMyComponent, <TopicFileLink Name="contents2"/> links in the contents structure of the file "contents2.topics" into the table of contents.

NOTE: If you previously have generated a .CNT file and don't want to do that anymore, you must manually delete the .CNT (and likely also the .GID) file from your hard-disk in order to fully get rid of it.

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