Create a new source code documentation project

You can use the New Library Help Project wizard to create a new Time2HELP project for documenting a source code library.
  1. From the menu, select File | New | Library Help Project....
  2. Enter the company name, library name, the directory where you want to keep the Library Help Project File and the name of the library.
  3. Press the Next button. If the directory you specified to keep the Library Help Project File doesn't exist, press Yes when being requested to create it.
  4. Enter the directory with your library source files in the Source Library Directory, or locate it with the Browse button next to the edit box. You can alternatively let Time2HELP "extract" the files from a Delphi project file (.dpr) by entering the project file (with full path) into the Delphi Project File (.dpr)
    Note: Use either Source Library Directory or Delphi Project File (.dpr), not both!
  5. Enter the directory where you want to keep the external documentation files in the Documentation files directory edit box, or leave it empty if you do not want to use external documentation.
  6. Press Next. If you want to write a topic file that will to use as a startpage/overview for your library, select a template for this file. The file will be listed under Topic Files in the Project treeview. If you select none, Time2HELP will generate an internal startpage.
  7. Press Finish. The New Output dialog will appear, select an output format. If creating WinHelp or HTML Help output, select a help project template in the appearing dialog. You can add more outputs after the wizard has finished.

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