About topic Files

Topic files are "low-level" documents that are transformed into the different output formats. The information Time2HELP extracts from source code and UnitDoc files is put into generated topic files before the outputs are created.

You can write your own topic files manually, for example for an introductory topic. A manually created topic file can also form the basis for a table of contents. The table of contents will contain links to topics from this topic file. See Build a contents file for more on this.

If you use the New Library Help Project Wizard to create the projects and select the LibraryStandard.topics template in the wizard, a topic file with an introductory topic and a table of contents will be created. To create a topic file without using the wizard, see the topic Create a topic file.

The Topic file Schema overview contains a list of available tags. The Time2HELP editor will assist in providing available tags and attributes depending on context when editing topic files. See the topic About the editor for more on this.

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