About the Editor

Time2HELP features a relatively advanced editor for editing markup documents.

The most important features are:

Context Sensitive Element Picklist
By pressing Ctrl+Space at any element content position, you will get a picklist of which elements are valid children of the current parent element.
(It doesn't count multiplicities, so if you insert e.g. a <Title> element into a <TopicEx> element, and hits Ctrl+Space within the TopicEx, you still are provided with <Title> in the list, even though it only makes sense to have a single <Title> element in a <TopicEx>)

Element Inspector
By pressing Ctrl+I inside a start-tag (or close to a start tag), you can edit it's attributes in an "Object Inspector" like way. Pressing Enter inside the Element Inspector, commits your changes while in the Inspector and brings you back to the text pane again. Pressing Escape cancels your changes, and brings you back to the text pane.

HTML Preview
By pressing F5, you will get a HTML "preview" of the content of the text pane.
Not all document types support the preview feature yet.

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