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The structure/schema for Topic Files

Topic Files are Time2HELP's "low-level" documents which are translated into rtf (for WinHelp output) and HTML for HTML output. You can write TopicFiles "manually" using the T2H editor (or Notepad!) for authoring "normal" topics in Time2HELP. Some users have their own documents and corresponding tools to generate TopicFiles automatically from some higher level information (other kinds of documents or info stored in databases). This way one can utilize T2H to handle the somewhat ugly details of making rtf files that the WinHelp compiler understands.

Element Types

A - Hyperlink source and/or target
B - Bold, please use Strong instead
BH - Bold Header
Br - Standard HTML-style Linebreak
Button - Button with optional macro assigned
CategoryTOC - Expands the Category structure in the Table of Contents file.
Code - Color codes the text inside the element, which is assumed to be Object Pascal (Delphi) code
CodeBlock - Marks (and color codes) a block of "code".
Contents - Includes special 'Contents File' commands in (optional) corresponding Contents (CNT) file
DelphiCode - Color codes the text inside the element, which is assumed to be a "block" of Object Pascal (Delphi) code
DelphiTypeDecl - Used internally. Quite similar to <InlineDelphiCode>
Div - Standard HTML placeholder for a block section, to attach styles to.
EM - Emphasizes text, usually by rendering it in italics
Font - Changes the current font
H1 - Header level/style 1 (largest)
H2 - Header level/style 2
H3 - Header level/style 3
H4 - Header level/style 4
H5 - Header level/style 5
H6 - Header level/style 6 (smallest)
HR - Horizontal Rule (line)
I - Italics
IfHTML - Output content if target is HTML
IfWinHelp - Output content if target is WinHelp
IMG - Inserts an IMaGe or bitmap
InlineCode - Same as <InlineDelphiCode>
InlineDelphiCode - Color codes the text inside the element, which is assumed to be Object Pascal (Delphi) code
Jump - Jump to another topic
JumpTarget - Deprecated. Use A with the Name attribute instead
LI - List Item
Note - Marks a block of text as "important".
NSR - Non Scrolling Region
OL - Standard HTML Ordered List
P - Paragraph
Popup - Opens up a popup-window with another topic (green dotted underline)
PopupTopic - Opens up a popup-window with this topic
Pre - Preformatted Text.
RawRTF - "Escape" for raw RTF-Commands
Related - Inserts "Related Topics" button
See - A specialized verison of Jump which knows about classes, methods etc
Span - Standard HTML placeholder for an inline collection of text, to attach styles to.
Strong - Emphasizes the text.
TD - Table Data. A cell in a table.
TH - Table Header
TOCLinkGenerator - Insert "stuff" into the Table Of Contents file.
Topic - "Free form" topic. Typically use <TopicEx> instead.
TopicEx - A more abstract way to write/make topics than the Topic element.
TopicFileLink - Includes another TopicFile's Table of Contents structure at this point.
TopicLink - A link/jump from the contents file to a help topic
TR - Table Row.
U - Underline text.
UL - Standard HTML Unordered List
WT - "What's This" Topic

Deprecated Element Types

ClassTopic - Use Topic instead
Color - Use Font instead
ColorDef - Not implemented
EventTopic - Use Topic instead
Group - Only relevant in RTF template files
PropertyTopic - Use Topic instead
Raw - Use CDATA sections instead
RTF - Use RawRTF instead. Renamed to be consistent with RawHTML etc.
Tab - Only relevant in RTF template files
WriteToFile - Only used interally (if at all)

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