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Order directly from Digital Logikk AS

You may use Visa, Eurocard/MasterCard and American Express, or pay by check or bank transfer.

Completing Your Order

Fill in the necessary information in the fields below, then click the Create Printable Order Form button at the bottom of the page. This will produce a printable form with your order information, total amount of your order including any VAT or handling fee.

If you pay by Credit Card, make sure to fill in the credit card information in the printable order form before you print it out.

Print out the printable order form, sign and date it, and fax it to:

Fax: +47 6797 5009 (alternative fax number: +47 6387 1406)

or send it by postal mail to:
   Digital Logikk AS
   P.O. Box 22
   NO-1476 Rasta

Software Enablement

After your payment is received, a User License with an enclosed Authorization Code and detailed instructions on how to apply the code will be sent to you via e-mail. The code will enable Time2HELP to allow full unrestricted use of the software for the number of users stated in the User License.


To order a User License for more that one user, combine Single-, Multi- and Extra User Licences corresponding to the number of users to be covered by the license. You will receive one multi user license for the total number of users in the order. For example, to order a 12-user license, you order one 10-user license and two extra user licenses.

To get a suggestion for a combination of license products, you can enter the number of users to be covered by the license in the field below and click the Calculate Licenses Scheme button. The table below will then be fillled in with a suggested combination of licenses.

Number of users to be covered by the license:

Product Price Qty
Time2HELP 1.0, Single User License US$ 229
Time2HELP 1.0, Extra User License*
Requires purchase of single-, 10-, 25-, or 50-user license
US$ 99.00
Time2HELP 1.0, 10-User License US$ 990.00
Time2HELP 1.0, 25-User License US$ 1990.00
Time2HELP 1.0, 50-User License US$ 2990.00
VAT will be added for consumer customers within the European Union

*If you are adding Extra User Licenses to a license purchased previously, enter the serial code for your existing license here:

Customer Information

Please fill in customer information below. Fields in bold are mandatory.

Legal Name :
   Company, Institution or Person
VAT-ID number*:
   Only applicable for
   business customers within EU
Contact Person:
   if Legal Name is not a person
E-Mail Address:
   Registration codes will be
   delivered to this address
Postal/Street Address:
Zip/Postal Code:
Web URL:
License Owner:
   If license owner
   differs from Legal Name

*Business customers within the EU that provide a valid VAT-ID number will not be charged VAT. If a given VAT-ID number does not pass the verification test, the order will not be processed. In that case we will contact you.

No VAT will be added for customers outside EU and Norway

User information

User Name:
E-Mail Address (info on Time2HELP
updates will be sent to this address):


Please select the method of payment below. For payments by Check and Bank Transfer a handlilng fee of USD 10.00 will be charged

Charge credit card

We accept Visa, Eurocard/MasterCard and American Express. Make sure to fill in credit card information in the printable order form. No credit card information will be sent over the network.

I will send a check via postal mail
  Make the check payable to Digital Logikk AS, send it to:
    Digital Logikk AS
    Riisalleen 54
    NO-2007 Kjeller
Registration codes will be sent by email as soon as we receive the check.

A Check Handling fee of USD 20.00 will be added to your order.

I will use bank transfer
  Use the following address for the bank transfer:
    Storebrand Bank, Oslo, Norway
    Swift Code: STFBNOK1
    for credit Digital Logikk AS
    account no.: 9100.13.94288

Bank transfer fees of your bank must be paid by you.
Please inform your bank that bank transfer fees of your bank will be paid by you.

A Bank Transfer fee of USD 20.00 will be added to your order to cover the bank transfer fees of our bank.

Upon receipt of payment, necessary codes and information will be sent to you in return.

Note that by using bank transfer, it may take several weeks before you receive your registration codes. If you send us an email notification after completing the bank transfer, we will be able to bring you the codes faster.

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