Getting started

For a quick introduction to Time2HELP, read the Tutorial.

Creating a project
You can create a new project for documenting a source code library or for creating an application help file by using one of the wizards. See About Projects for more.

Building the project
Press F9 or click the Build button on the main toolbar to build the project. The output selected in the combobox on the main toolbar will be generated.

Select All in the combobox to generate all outputs in one build. See About building for more help on building projects

Writing documentation
Documentation can be written in the the Delphi source files using JavaDoc style DocComments, or the documentation can be kept in external UnitDoc files.

Read the Time2HELP's documentation model for more on this.

Creating a new output
You can create outputs on WinHelp, HTML Help and plain HTML format. See About Outputs.
Create a new WinHelp Output
Create a new HTML Help Output

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