Time2HELP's Documentation Model

DocComments v.s. External Documentation
Time2HELP can be seen as a repository/database containing information about your source code. You provide Time2HELP with it's information by telling it which source code files (units) to parse, as well as optional files containing "external" information/documentation about your code. Time2HELP can extract your documentation both from specially formatted comments within your source code ( "DocComments") and from documentation stored in separate files called UnitDoc files (Documentation about a Unit).

You can use both styles of documentation, even for the same unit, as the information from both will be "merged" within Time2HELP's internal database. But note that the External Documentation (UnitDoc) takes preference ("overrides") the DocComment if the same item (e.g. a method) is documented in both in a DocComment and in a UnitDoc file.

Whether you should use DocComments or UnitDocs (keeping the Doc in external files) depends upon your situation and personal preference.

Reasons to use external documentation

Reasons to use in-source (DocComments) documentation

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