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Parameter types for methods

When T2H does a refresh/resync of a UnitDoc file, the parameters are added to the Params attribute in the method/routine element. The special form of parameters used in Params attributes in UnitDoc files are for example:


for a method/routine taking one integer and one boolean value. The types are concatenated with a '@' as separator.

If a method is overloaded, there will be mulitple occurrences of the method element the UnitDoc file, but the params attributes will have different values. If the parameter types for a method in the source file changes, the UnitDoc file will (after synchronization) be updated with a new occurrence of the method element with the parameter attribute corresponding to the parameter types. The previous version of the method will still be present in the UnitDoc file, but the attribute Exists will be set to false. This indicates that method element doesn't have a corresponding method in the source, and will not be included in the output.

In the example below, the first occurrence of the UnitDoc method element has a corresponding method in the source, the second occurrence is does not have a corresponding method in the source.

<Method Name="MethodOverload" Params="integer">

<Method Name="MethodOverload" Params="integer@string" Exists="false">
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