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Time2HELP 1.0.44 Release Notes

This release improves support for context sensitive help from within the Delphi IDE. The modifications apply to Delphi 6 and Delphi 7. The changes consist of adding more A-keywords to the WinHelp help files, and also including all A-keywords into the .als file. Previously the .als file did not include all A-keywords.

It is now possible to open a generated help file from within the Delphi 6 or 7 IDE by positioning the cursor over a keyword and press F1. Also, some documentation on how to make Delphi aware of the .als file is included.

  • Modification: Improved support for context sensitive help from the Delphi IDE by increasing the number of A-keywords, and by including every A-keyword into the generated .als file

Relevant topics:
Integrating a help file with Delphi's Help
Preparing the help file for integration with Delphi IDE
Adding a help file to the Delphi IDE

See version history for details of the changes for previous versions.

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