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Time2HELP 1.0.42 Release Notes

This release includes some bugfixes and minor improvements. The main improvement is a bugfix in the routine translating HREFs in <A> elements in HTML output. Bugs involving the deprecated directive has also been fixed. See complete list of bugfixes and improvements below.

  • Fixed: Previously some HREFs in <A> elements got translated wrong in HTML output. MailTo-links would end up getting an extra '.htm' extension. Another algorithm has now been employed to decide whether to add an .htm extension to HREF values in <A> elements.
  • Added: Editor charset global setting. See Setting Editor Charset
  • Fixed: <Returns> and <Exceptions> tags within a <Routine> tag are now allowed.
  • Improved: Surfaced the 'reintroduced' directive in the template language/model and added 'Reintroduce' images to the default templates.
  • Fixed: Problem parsing the 'deprecated' directive related to constants.
  • Fixed: Some constructs which was marked as 'deprecated' via the D6 (and later) directive wasn't marked as @deprecated in the output.
  • Improved: Added 'readonly' marker to read-only properties in HTML output (in class/interface overviews)
  • Added: Class attribute on <A> elements, to enable custom CSS styling on A elements in HTML output.
  • Improved: Removed a confusing (and harmless) 'suspicious' log entry.
See version history for details of the changes for previous versons.
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