What is Time2HELP?
Time2HELP is a tool for writing and maintaining source code documentation. Documentation can be written inside comments ("DocComments") directly in your source code, or separated from the code and stored as external XML text files (UnitDoc files). Writing documentation in external files, you only have to "fill in the blanks" using the Time2HELP editor.

Time2HELP extracts "JavaDoc style" comments and symbol declarations from the source code. It supports the same syntax as Sun's JavaDoc tool, as well as an extended set of tags.

The documentation you write is independent of output format, Time2HELP builds the final "physical" documentation for you. The output formats currently supported are WinHelp, HTML Help and plain HTML, with more options coming up in the future.

Who should use Time2HELP?
Time2HELP is useful for anyone with Delphi source code to develop/maintain.

The user-base of Time2HELP consists of the whole spectrum of developers:

Database documentation
Time2HELP 1.0 supports a very basic way of documenting database tables, supporting simple (but effective) descriptions of tables and their columns. See Database Schema documentation.

Building application help files
You may also use Time2HELP to make "ordinary" help files, and/or "What's this?" help for your application. The help file for Time2HELP itself was written using Time2HELP.

You can import the RTF files generated by Time2HELP into regular help authoring tools, and make links to the Time2HELP generated topics.

Time2HELP is optimized for documenting code, and outputting help files for/about code and or components.

Who develops Time2HELP?
Time2HELP is developed by Digital Logikk AS, a Norwegian company established in 1991.

HTML generated by Time2HELP