Separating events from properties

In order for Time2HELP to correctly separate events from properties, it needs access to the source code containing the class originally introducing the event, and the unit defining the event type.

To get events properly classified (and read-only markers on read-only properties), you should include

"\Program Files\Borland\DelphiX\Source\Vcl"

in the search path for the Delphi version you're using.

For Delphi 6 and Delphi 7, you need to set an additional search path to

"\Program Files\Borland\DelphiX\Source\Rtl\Common"

At this moment you should not include "source\rtl\win" in the search path.)

If you do not have access to all necessary source code, Time2HELP might be confused about whether a property is an event or just an "ordinary" property, as events really are "implemented" in Delphi as properties. You then need to mark the property with the @event tag.

To check whether Time2HELP has properly classified all events, open the Time2HELPBrowser and look at the full alphabetic listing of properties. If any of them begin with 'On', it may very well be an event wrongly classified as a property, and that you need to add entries to the search path.

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