About MS HTML Help and Time2HELP

In order to use MS HTML Help with T2H 1.0, you should install the latest version of the MS HTML Help Workshop. You should use version 1.3 (or newer if available), as it seems earlier versions threw warnings (harmless though) on XML style tags.

The MS HTML Help technology can be downloaded from:

You need to specify to Time2HELP where you have installed the HTML Help compiler.

We have seen messages indicating there's a problem with installing version 1.3 on top of previous versions. This means you should install MS HTML Help Workshop 1.3 in a separate directory from previous versions (if you have any installed) or just uninstall your previous version prior to installing version 1.3.
Please close any running versions of your HTML Help file before pressing build, as an open instance will cause the MS HTML Help Compiler to fail rebuilding it.

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