Editor Charset

Which charset to use as default when opening an editor in Time2HELP.

0 (Ansi)
Ansi characters
1 (Default)
2 (Symbol)
Standard symbol set
77 (MAC)
Apple Macintosh characters.
128 (Shiftjis)
Japanese shift-jis
129 (Hangeul)
Korean (Wansung)
130 (Johab)
Korean (Johab)
134 (GB2312)
Simplified Chinese characters (mainland china)
136 (ChineseBig5)
Traditional Chinese characters (taiwanese)
161 (Greek)
162 (Turkish)
163 (Vietnamese)
177 (Hebrew)
178 (Arabic)
186 (Baltic)
204 (Russian)
222 (Thai)
238 (EastEurope)
255 (OEM)

DefaultValue: 0

Property location
The property resides in the Global Configuration tree view.
Node: GlobalConfig.Main

Property details
Type: enumeration
Name: EditorCharset

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