Batch/Command Line Builds

Time2HELP supports a rudimentary form of batch builds (command line builds).

The syntax for command line builds is:

time2help myproject -batch
where myproject is the full T2H project name. (You may drop the .T2HProject extension, but the full path must be present.) If there is a space in the path of myproject (or the project name itself), the full name must be in double quotes (").

This will invoke Time2HELP, load myproject, build all outputs defined in myproject, and then exit Time2HELP.

Time2HELP will write a simple log file in the same directory as your project file, with a .log extension

This feature hasn't been extensively tested. If you find an error (like an 'ok' button waiting to get pressed during the automatic build) please drop us a note immediately.
If you need more control over the build process, please drop us a mail with suggestions. If there's interest, we may implement a simple "script"-system for more control over the building process, like building multiple projects, and specifying which outputs to build in a given project.
Batch builds only works in the registered version of Time2HELP

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