Adding and removing source files from a Delphi Source Directory

Expand the Delphi Source Directories node in the Project tree view and click the node representing the source directory to modify.

Source files in the file list that are checked will be included in the project. Unchecked files will not be included

Click the Include All button to include all files in the source directory

Click the Exclude All button to exclude all files in the source directory.

Click the Refresh button to synchronize the file list with the file directory corresponding to the source directory.

You can modify the filter in the combo-box to show only the files confirming to a specific naming convention, e.g. if you write 'Lib1*.pas' in the filter combo-box and click Refresh, only .pas files with name starting with 'Lib1' will be shown. You can then click Include All to include only these files. By repeating this process you can include groups of files based on naming convention.

Note that files checked as included will allways show in the file list, independent of the filter. Always click the Refresh button after modifying the filter.

Never include .inc files to the project. Files included with the $INCLUDE directive in Delphi will be included automatically by Time2HELP. Incluing .inc files in Time2HELP directly will result in errors

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